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A Deadly Invader Destroying People’s Lives ...
Tenacious Scientists Equally Determined To Defeat It

THE FISH THIEF: A Great Lakes Mystery, formerly known as RELENTLESS, is a captivating mystery that engages the audience in a battle for the survival of the largest freshwater ecosystem on Earth, the Great Lakes. This fascinating true story, narrated by Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons, follows remarkable people tackling the mystery of why the most prized fish nearly vanished. The crash destroyed jobs and businesses, and devastated towns, tribal communities, and First Nations across the region.

Overfishing, dam building and industrial dumping had already decimated fish populations in parts of the Great Lakes, but when fish began disappearing far from industrial cities, scientists discovered what proved to be the most destructive marine species to ever invade the Great Lakes. Their tenacious search for a way to control it continues to influence the Great Lakes region’s economic fortunes and sounds a warning about the future of natural resources and the prosperity of millions around the world today.

making the film

THE FISH THIEF: A Great Lakes Mystery was filmed across the entire Great Lakes Region in Canada and the United States with the help and cooperation of tribal communities and First Nations, fisheries biologists, Great Lakes historians, natural resource agencies, conservation and environmental organizations, sport fishing organizations and concerned citizens. DP Lindsey Haskin took cameras offshore in Canadian and American waters on scientific research ships, commercial fishing gill net tugs and trap net boats, and private craft helmed by passionate sport anglers.

Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons, well-known for playing “Professor Burke” in Farmer’s Insurance commercials, narrates THE FISH THIEF. Mr. Simmons grew up in the Great Lakes region and fondly remembers spending childhood vacations on the Lake Huron shore.

The film includes stunning animation and graphics created by Fadry Drew Chandra whose credits include the latest Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny as well as Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. Mark Charles Hattersley composed and produced the original music score. Rich Ford is the editor and Brian Hutchings is colorist.

our previous great lakes project

Freshwater Seas
The Great Lakes

Freshwater Seas explores humanity’s relationship with the Great Lakes ecosystem, tracing how people capitalized on the region’s rich trove of natural resources to build the American industrial heartland spanning the United States/Canada border. The film also examines the impact on nature and how dedicated people work to ensure that the ecosystem continues to provide the economic, cultural, and recreational benefits that people have enjoyed for centuries.

about us

In an increasingly tech driven world, it’s easy to overlook how our prosperity, health and happiness depend upon the natural world and the diverse cultures who share the planet. SkyhoundMedia was formed to explore those links through engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking and visually compelling non-fiction television programs, documentary and short films, and other digital media.

about the filmmaker

Thomas Lindsey Haskin received his undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and University of California at Berkeley. His production career began in Los Angeles with the Steve Allen organization. Then he worked as the director of business and development and as a writer/producer with Venture Films, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. He returned to California and formed CineGroup, an independent production company.

Since then he has written, produced and directed over 400 productions that include documentary films, educational films, television commercials and industrial films. Lindsey’s camera work has appeared on ABC Primetime Live, CBS 48 Hours, ABC World News and other venues. He wrote, produced and directed the 2-hour documentary history of the Great Lakes Region, Freshwater Seas, which aired on public television stations in the United States and Canada.

He formed SkyhoundMedia, Inc. in 2020. In our increasingly tech driven world, it’s easy to overlook how our prosperity, health and happiness depend upon nature and the diverse cultures of the world. SkyhoundMedia, Inc. was formed to explore those links through engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking and visually stunning non-fiction television programs, documentary films, and other digital media.